SAVI BOSS BABES - introducing Elaine Rau the

SAVI STYLE would like to introduce our very first boss babe, Elaine Rau, the Founder of Elaine was a global wedding sales manager turned women entrepreneur. Elaine’s new mission is to empower other women to take the leap into the world of entrepreneurship. She began her blog as a personal journey, for networking and soul-searching. However, it very quickly began to manifest as a true calling in entrepreneurship and career freedom.  With no further ado below she tells her story, her growth, and her unconditional passion to empower women everywhere.

  1. Describe your blog and brand values. is a blog for female entrepreneurs with content created by female entrepreneurs. We have resources to help you start your business AND resources to help you keep going on your entrepreneurial journey. It’s a hub for entrepreneurial interviews to motivate and inspire you as well as guest posts so we can all learn from one another. One new interview and/or guest post gets published every single day at 6 pm CST to the blog. Sign up here to get interviewed and here to guest post.

My desire is to fill the media with stories about powerful everyday women and change women’s mindsets about themselves. The media plays a powerful part in how we see ourselves, what we think we can achieve, and what limitations we put on ourselves. The more women are properly portrayed, the more women will rise up in leadership and push past their self-limiting beliefs.

  1. What lead you to create your blog?

I worked in the wedding industry and was the National Wedding Sales Manager for a global company for two years and absolutely loved it. However, when I asked my boss if I could attend my husband’s brother’s funeral and he blatantly said, “No because it will affect your work and it’s booking season” I knew it was time to leave.

I moved overseas to Honduras to be with my husband’s family without a plan and ended up jobless, purposeless, and borderline depressed. I knew I had to change my situation but had no idea how. My job was my life and without it, I was lost. My wedding industry skills were useless overseas considering that not only were there no jobs available, I couldn’t even speak Spanish to save my life!

So I started a blog to help myself connect with people I could actually talk to and learn about who I  wanted to become – a female entrepreneur. I called it “Lady Boss Blogger” because I wanted to become a lady boss as well as a blogger and blog about lady bosses!

  1. What has been your biggest challenge thus far in your career?

Transitioning back to the states. The blog grew in Honduras and sustained us for a year, but a whole new set of bills and turmoil hit us when we moved back to America. It was hard because my husband was a full-time student and still suffering from PTSD (he found his brother’s body after he was murdered). So I was in a weird predicament where I couldn’t turn to him for emotional or financial support. That was a very rough 6-month transition.

  1. What or whom motivates you on the daily basis to stay consistent?

My desire to provide for my family and change the economic status of people living in Honduras.

  1. What would you tell your younger self if you could provide one piece of advice?

Doubt kills dreams more than failure ever will.

  1. What’s your best piece of advice for women who want to follow in your footsteps (blogging) and/or want to launch into the world of entrepreneurship?

There is no such thing as overnight success. Consistency and persistence are the two things you’re going to need to succeed. The only difference between someone who ‘makes it’ versus someone who doesn’t is that they didn’t give up.

3 Top Recommendations for a startup (apps, resources, marketing tools, and/or books)

  1. Tailwind – hands down the best Pinterest and Instagram Scheduler out there
  2. SmarterQueue - the social media scheduler I use for everything else
  3. ConvertKit – the best email marketing software out there for content creators

Lastly, tell us about your self – Fun Facts!

  1. Favorite ice cream? Dark chocolate with dark chocolate sprinkles and dark chocolate sauce
  2. Favorite Book? Currently, it’s “5 Day Weekend” by Gunderson and Halik
  3. Coffee or Ice Tea? Coffee with hazelnut creamer or Peppermint Mocha from Starbucks
  4. Sunrise or Sunset? Sunrise, I love daytime even though I am a night owl
  5. Tacos or Pizza? Ohhhh this is hard! Can I say both!?
  6. Favorite Color? Currently, it’s black, previously it’s been pink and gold
  7. Where would you travel to (anywhere in the world)? I would go to Taiwan right now to be with my parents
  8. Dogs or Cats? Dogs, I’m allergic to cats
  9. Gym or Outdoors? Gym, I love going to those group classes haha
  10. Lipstick or Lipgloss? Lipgloss all the way, I don’t like any color on my lips

 To all the women who are considering a change in career or simply becoming more informed in entrepreneurship. I personally recommend Elaine and her very resourceful blog page. She has not only supported me in my early stages of Kickstarter crowdfunding but continues to provide vital information for growth and how to’s.  You can follow Elaine @ladybossbloggers or her blog