SAVI Fitness - Club Pilates Working Out At Your Own Pace...

Fitness Studio: Club Pilates

Location: 1525 Mesa Verde Dr. E Ste 123, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Studio Style/Philosophy: A quaint boutique, the studio specializing in reformer fusion classes for anyone, at any age or fitness level.

Fitness Level Needed: Beginner – Advance (classes marked on schedule for your level of expertise)

Facility: Very Spacious between reformers, kept impressively clean, unisex restroom and cubbies to hold your belongings. Lots of workout accessories to build onto your workout.

New Student Deals: FREE Intro Class (check out the website for details)

Contact Via

Web: Social: @clubpilatescostamesa Phone: (949) 791-7184

My experience:  

The studio is perfectly located in an up and coming neighborhood in Costa Mesa (a hidden gem in my view). I will have to warn you there are some delicious food options just a few doors down. The studio has soft ocean blue walls with an ambiance of being right on the sand. A single wall has an image of a beautiful girl surfing which is more than enough motivation needed to get bikini ready!

Since it was my first visit to this pilates studio they start me off with a FREE class that introduces the foundation of Pilates. The instructor was very knowledgeable and provided a small history lesson on how pilates became about. The class consisted of teaching the variety of tools that can be found and used on the reformer. Also, we were taught the most common positions that will be used to work out specific muscle groups.

The intro class lasted 30 minutes while regular classes range closer to 60. However, I greatly appreciated the variety of options per position (beginner – advance), so, that you get the most out of every pilates move. They work around your limitations and injuries. Most importantly they make it very clear they are there to teach personally even when in a group setting. My last take away was how small movements and weight added can create such efficient results. I had my sore muscles reminding me for days. I recommend this studio to anyone who is looking into starting their workout regimen gradually (not filled with high impact) and with some much-needed attention. They offer plenty of advanced classes as well so when you are ready for next steps they are there to help you move right along.