SAVI Fitness - Goat Yoga was everything I've hoped for and so much more!

Fitness Studio:  Artworks Studio (location varies)

Location:  660 N. Larchmont Blvd Los Angeles, California 90004

Studio Style/Philosophy: Studio was very artsy and organic

Fitness Level Needed: None – just a good attitude

Facility: Very bohemian and free spirited  

New Student Deals:  Special event price varies $26 - 30

Contact Via

Web: Social: @hellocrittercare Phone: (213) 448-4848

My experience:  I heard of goat yoga for some time and was interested in participating. I was happy to find while browsing that a local LA studio hosted goat yoga on a weekly basis. As a huge yoga fan, I couldn’t resist purchasing the tickets at once! Now, if you haven’t been to LA, it can be gritty and very posh all at the same time. The studio hosting was located in a beautiful neighborhood (by that I mean clean and easy to find parking). The art studios main use is for painting, drawing, and other art courses. The overall feel of the studio was relaxing, with paint splatted everywhere the eye can see, so, no need to worry about goats roaming around.

Goat yoga is exactly that, you attempting yoga while the goat’s hangout around you. I say attempting because honestly, the goats are so adorable and entertaining that yoga is probably the last thing on your mind.  The yoga class hosted three young goats that were incredibly friendly and loved to be petted. The youngest goat was named Lil’ Bit and preferred to be cuddled and held.  As for the other two Billy (horns covered with hackie sack-like material) and Burlap they spent most of the time finding the opportunity to literally leap onto our backs, which usually lead to more leaping from one back to the next. Now, if you are wondering what it felt like well, it was kind of shocking at first. They do it so swiftly and with no hesitation that before you know it you have a goat on your back! They are pretty small goats so they weren’t heavy (felt like a mini massage when they pounced on). They also wear socks with shoe designs (super hip, lol) to cover their hooves, so, there was no danger of getting any scratches on your back or body. They do recommend wearing a t-shirt just in case but plenty of women wore a tank top and not much more was needed.

After class had ended they allowed for pictures and a feeding experience of banana chips (if you saw my Instagram stories, you were probably rolling over with laughter). Burlap is the only one that performs the cutest act of taking a banana chip from your mouth and eating it with complete joy. Now, Billy and Burlap equally enjoy leaping on top of you with no problem at all. So, in my picture above you can see that Billy has actually confused my child pose to a challenge and HEADBUTTS ME! It was the most exciting part! Mainly because his headbutt was so soft that I didn’t notice but realized that he had done it because he was very quickly corrected by his keeper. Luckily I had a girlfriend with me to help me capture it all. I completely enjoyed my goat yoga experience and getting to spend my Sunday morning with such sweet amazing animals. This experience was truly therapeutic as promised. So, if ever given the chance to try Goat Yoga please do so! You will love every minute! I have provided a few more pictures below. I just couldn't hold back with these cute goats! 

 savistyle fitness blog goat yoga and a selfie savistyle fitness blog - goat yoga a selfie with a goat on my back
savistyle fitness blog - goat yoga where the goats where apart of every flow savistyle fitness blog - goat yoga - they were leaping from person to another