SAVI Fitness - The Best Spin Studio in Newport Beach!

July...what?..wait a minute...sometimes you blink and you're in the middle of summer. In April I was trying to accomplish my goals of being a runner. So, what happened? Truth, I realized two things. 1) I AM NOT A RUNNER and never will be one of those awesome people who make it look so effortlessly. 2) I do enjoy the cardio challenge, just an in a very modern convenient way - SPIN!. In trying to stay true to my challenges I signed up for a spin studio. I didn’t want to make the excuse that I didn't’ get my walk, jog or whatever my challenge was that day due to weather, sunlight, time, etc. In return, I found my love for cardio and truly enjoy it. I make it a priority to get it locked into my schedule. Most importantly I’ve stayed consistent which has been my other true failure in getting or staying fit.


Grit Cycle Spin Studio is the reason I can now consider my cardio improvement exponentially great. The studio has a high end feel with a friendly community. Their motto “This adamant refusal to accept defeat, this is grit” is every bit encouraging and bold which is needed when starting a new adventure in cycling. Also, Grit Cycle is very charitable to the local community and the instructors keep it fresh while putting their own twist, music preference and energy into every class. Last, but not least, they offer a little cold towel at the end of class (stretching portion, don't leave early) and it’s drenched in a eucalyptus oil. It truly feels like a little slice of heaven has been delivered to you, rewarding your hard work. This little detail makes it all worthwhile and it might be silly to think a towel can be so encouraging, however, it's almost nostalgic like getting a gold star in kindergarten lol!


I have finally found my inner runner metaphorically and literally in an indoor spin studio. The summer is here and like many, I’m still finding my stride. However, don’t give up and keep searching for what works best for you. Trying new things is not always the most comfortable but when you discover that your new thing ends up being what you’ve always been looking for, it will all be worth it.