SAVI Fitness- Orange Theory, Rowing and OMG!

Orange Theory

Location: 1040 Irvine Ave, Newport Beach, CA 92660  

Studio Style/Philosophy: New age, clean lines and very orange.

Fitness Level Needed: All levels welcomed

Facility:  Is very well organized, kept very clean, and lots of space to leave your belongings while in class.

New Customer Deals:  First Class for Free!

Contact Via

Web: Orange Theory - Newport Beach Social: @orangetheory Phone: (949) 630-0555

My experience:

Orange Theory has very friendly staff, well informed and gives a quick run down the moment you walk through the doors. Orangetheory tracks your heart rate and calories burned throughout the class so, everyone is provided with a tracker. The workout is divided into two categories of cardio and strength training. Since I have a love-hate relationship with cardio I began with strength training.

The strength training was a cross between HIIT, Crossfit, and weight lifting combinations. I was happy with the wide selection and that I was able to keep up (nothing you haven’t seen). Now, as for the cardio, well, that was incredibly painful. Let’s say there was a lot of huffing and puffing going on. Also, my legs were about to fall off towards the last minute left, lol. Their idea of cardio is rowing (OMG!) and treadmill. The treadmill was surprisingly bouncy so, I didn’t feel much of the impact. However, rowing was something that I have only attempted once or twice but more for fun. Rowing is something else and I couldn’t believe how much my legs were burning within the first 10 seconds!

Their instructor was also very involved and when she saw me struggle with a strength training move she would right away provide an alternative (I loved this!). She also provided tons of options for the treadmill portion as well (so, I could survive lol). The workout is very well rounded and honestly moves along very quickly so, it doesn’t get boring or stale. I was informed that the workouts change consistently so, I’m sure there are other combinations that might focus on cardio or strength training more so. However, I don’t believe this is the best option for beginners. Everything from there cardio to the weightlifting would be better suited for someone that has a solid foundation and proper instruction in both prior. I wouldn’t consider myself advance by any means but a beginner would definitely lose too much time getting instructed there performing the workout.   

So, if you are getting bored or plateauing in your current workout routine I recommend Orange Theory. It will re energize your body and leave you asking for more!