SAVI Fitness Tips - 6 Easy Home Workouts

I have chosen 6 easy home workouts to keep you only inches away from your pj’s. However, these 6 easy home workouts will provide you enough maintenance to keep you motivated until the warmth of spring is near. Do 2 sets of 20 for every workout. If possible, performing the workout in the am and pm (after work, before dinner or before bed) will increase your viability until hitting the gym again in January.

***Option to add light weights (2 lbs - 10 lbs) or no weights if you are prepping for new year's resolution/beginner  

6 Easy Home Workouts to Survive the Holidays

2 sets of 20 for every workout

 1. Jumping Jacks
 2. Squats
 3. Shoulder Press
 4. Lateral Press
 5. Lunge and Curl
 6. Abs **Get creative with the 2 sets of 20. Mix and Match, keep it fun!

       - Crunches
       - Oblique crunches
       - Russian twists
       - V - Ups
       - 30 second Plank
       - Side Plank ( do each side 20-30 seconds)
       - Bicycle Kicks

    December 14, 2016 by Terry Leon