SAVI FITNESS - Your NOT so New Years Resolution

“New Year and New You” is probably all we are hearing right about now or what's your New Year's Resolution!? Of course, we all think of our health and mindfulness becomes more apparent than ever. So, I say don’t decide now. Don’t throw your whole diet and fitness routine out the window. Start out slow maybe just a walk before or after work. There is no better time in the year to take full advantage of all the amazing specials in your local gyms, fitness studios and everything else in between to get you started. In case you are wondering who has time for all that research (no one honestly lol) check out the app MINDBODY. Yes, it's free! The homepage is broken down into sections like Explore, Last Minute Deal, and Intro Deals. All these sections link you to your local gyms, fitness center, and studios (best New Year) intro deals without having to research multiple pages online. My favorite part is that it exposes you to many workout options like crossfit, yoga/hot yoga, strength training, indoor cycling, pilates, barre and it goes on forever lol! So, don’t decide now check them all out and enjoy the intro deals while they still last!     

PS - All links are my favorite local spots in Costa Mesa/Newport Beach, CA =)

January 20, 2018 by Terry Leon