SAVI On Trend - Acupuncture and Cupping with a dash of Mindfulness

Dr. Benjamin A. Horning Chiropractic Office

Location:  25241 Paseo De Alicia #100, Laguna Hills, CA 92653

Office Style/Philosophy:  The setting is professional with an easiness and comfortable atmosphere

Services: Chiropractic, Applied Kinesiology, Nutritional Evaluation, Acupuncture, Cupping and Tui NA massage (tons more!).

New Patient Deals:  Acupuncture $20

Contact Via

Web: Horning Chiropractic and Wellness Office Social: @horningchiropractic  Phone: 949-422-7698

My experience:

I have been a long time patient of Dr. Horning (Chiropractor). He has helped with my posture and spinal alignments that have truly improved my overall health. I was happy to hear that Mrs. Horning was joining the staff with Acupuncture, Cupping and other great Chinese Medicine techniques (very accomplished herself as well, click here to read more).

I’ve always been interested in acupuncture and cupping, however, I’ve never felt comfortable enough or better yet trusted anyone to freely insert needles into my body (yes, I know they are highly educated but still!) I had met Mrs. Horning (we will call her Vanessa from now on) plenty of times before and I always felt very comfortable asking her my many questions about Chinese Medicine. I finally decide to take my own advice on always be willing to try new things no matter at what age. So I scheduled my appointment and got even bolder and added cupping as well.

Honestly, I was very nervous about both treatments but Vanessa was very kind to explain how it works, why it works and even let me know the estimated depth the needle could penetrate (it’s in millimeters, so what can it hurt?). She also recommended starting with cupping first and following it with acupuncture. I followed her expert advice and we began. The cupping was really great! I loved the warmth of the glass trapping the fire between my skin. The most rewarding feeling was when she placed all the cups (to meet my muscle soreness and requests) and she began to move them. The flow of the glass gently moving up and down my back was so soothing. She did leave some in place for other benefits that I’m sure she explained but I was too relaxed to pay attention.

Second, we began with acupuncture and very quickly my nerves had returned again. She reassured me of what I should feel and what I shouldn’t. So, in case I felt uncomfortable with anything, she was there to make the changes needed. We began but she kept talking and educating me on how acupuncture can also be a great time to meditate or be mindful. As I was contemplating the idea I realized she was moving down my back and yet I hadn’t felt a thing. I only thing I felt was a slight tug on my skin but ZERO PAIN. We continued on with our conversation and then she was all done! Just like that. The real test, however, came when I had to lie still for 15-30 minutes with a warm heat lamp and your thoughts.

I used the time to meditate and really just take the time to slow down my thoughts and to do lists rushing through my mind. She reentered the room to remove the needles and we were done. I felt so relaxed, pampered, and with a quiet mind that I moved on to the rest of my day with tons of energy. I 100% recommend both treatments they have shown me that being open minded can give you so many more options for a healthy lifestyle. Chinese Medicine provides options that require zero prescriptions (I still love Western Medicine, Don’t get me wrong) but also build’s in the mindfulness that we sometimes need in our very busy life’s.  So, take a leap of faith and never stop your willingness to learn new things you might surprise yourself.