SAVI on Trend - #GirlBoss more then a Pop reference
This month is a big one! Not only does my life have to adjust to the Spring forward (time-saving change) but this is IT - I launch my new career as an entrepreneur! SAVI STYLE will be officially open for business through Kickstarter. First, of course! Preparing myself for this new adventure started well over a year ago. Now, with that said there are days that a little encouragement doesn’t hurt. So, I was recommended #GirlBoss. Let me be frank, a lot of the choices and life experiences the author went through are not what I can relate too. However, the overall tone of the book was inspiring, filled with self-encouragement, and a constant reminder that nothing is more important than staying true to yourself. It's when you truly have the courage (there will be haters) and a clear view of who you are, that you will begin to flourish in every possible way. Simply allow enough hard work and time for things to fall into place. Now, with that said she also makes it clear that success isn’t guaranteed and she reminds you of that repeatedly with annual statistics to back her up. She ends with inspiring her readers to hard work (I mean tons of hard work!) towards your vision and to always keep in mind knowing that you did it to the best of your ability. So, dust it off, adjust, tweak, reevaluate and move forward. Ladies, if you’re looking for a light read with spunk, humor and some major female kicking butt attitude, this is the book for you! Click here to get a sneak peek.