SAVI on Trend - Chanel's skincare is just as amazing as there fashion

I live in a sunny Southern California where sunblock is life. Now, facial sunblock is a whole new ball game. We’re very careful about what we apply facially from our many other products like a cover-up, concealer, blush and our face regimen every night. We don’t take any of this lightly. So growing up in an area where the sun is expected all year round, we are very dedicated to our facial sunblock. I know what you're thinking, my coverup HAS sunblock and that’s true. Cover up with sunblock (very convenient) for some is plenty and really feel that it's not needed to add any more. Especially, for those who have tried applying sunblock to their routine and get stuck with either a greasy face or breakouts. However, most facial coverups have very low SPF levels ( 20 or less). The recommendation from most dermatologist is a minimum of 30 SPF for a more solid protection. After my many years of searching and having success with some for a small period of time. I have finally found it!

Let me give you some background of my never-ending hunt first. I had great skin most of my life until 25 years of age hit...then came the rosacea, acne, and stress that made the other two worse (that’s just adulthood). So, no matter what I found for a few weeks to work well, it would turn its ugly head and my face would just look horrible. I finally set out to test multiple products for a minimum of 2-4 months. These products had their work cut out for them since my rosacea limited what products I could test and some form of adult acne had appeared, and any oiliness would make it worse.  However, I found the one I can call my own lol!

Chanel UV Essentiel SPF 50. Yes, it is pricey but even with me applying it daily, 8 months later had passed before needing to repurchase. The most amazing outcome I had was ZERO breakouts and no oil control issues. My face felt balanced, protected (age spots are arriving in my early 30’s, stay tuned for my age spot blog), and the confidence you gain from knowing your skin is glowing again is simply blissful. So, ladies, my facial issues might not be exactly like yours but do continue to test and look for what works best for you. Quick note: most department stores will provide you with a sample to take home of any product you request like sunblock. Also, Sephora has small travel sizes that can help with your testing phase. Stay safe this summer. The Sun can be your best friend with the proper sunblock by your side.