SAVI on Trend - The Best Eye Cream. Period.

Yeah, I said it. I found the best eye cream ever! If you are anything like me you’re probably rolling your eyes and thinking “yeah, sure you did”. I stumbled across this gem nowhere better than at SephoraA store that is made to trap you for about 1-2 hours of your life with pretty lipsticks, shimmery highlighters, eyeshadows to die for and other crazy new things they come up with (like almost monthly). Sephora, the home of all cosmetics and skincare finally got me trapped by offering a hydrofacial with a purchase of $75 (which I was already going to do for my Sunday Self Care on Instagram).

Auto Correct Brightening and Depuffing Eye Contour Cream by Sunday Riley is the eye cream of all eye creams. Not only is this product a beauty cult favorite but since I turned 17, I started noticing dark circle and eye puffiness. I’ve always been very much into skincare even at a very young age. My mother loved Mary Kay and she bought tons of their products for my sister and I. So, I’ve had a skincare routine since 14 (yes, I’m high maintenance but I love it!). So, when this new phenomenon started to invade my under eyes I was determined to find an eye cream to fix it. I very quickly learned that my determination would be short-lived since apparently, eye puffiness could be one of two things 1) cause and effect (lack of sleep, dehydration, stress, etc..) or 2) genetics. When I heard genetics, my thoughts were instant “oh great” since I can clearly see the faces of my family with chronic eye puffiness. Yet, I decided what IF it is lack of sleep, dehydration or whatever.

I tried about 15-20 brands from department stores, which were very costly, to Target/Grocery options as well. Finally, at 25, I decided this is my truth, I will have under eye puffiness. I then moved onto other techniques like facial massages in the morning for lymphatic drained (jade roller blog coming soon on this epic little tool), refrigerating my eye masks, and any recommendation I could get my hands on. Now that I’ve turned 34, I use eye creams for hydration and SPF but I had given up all hope on investing or giving eye creams another day or dime.

Fast-forward to my hydrofacial at Sephora. My very personable facialist recommended Sunday Riley and even though she got me to purchase a few other products than expected, I couldn’t get myself to even take the Sunday Riley sample. Unfortunately, I had unsatisfying results from one of my purchased products so, after two weeks of giving it a fair opportunity, I decided the one product just wasn’t for me. On my way to return it, I was listening to one of my favorite beauty bloggers and she raved about Sunday Riley. So, by the time I arrived at Sephora I was convinced to take a sample.

Sunday Riley Auto Correct is so thoughtfully glamours that even the feel of the box savistyle on trend blog reviews sunday riley auto correct packaging is soothing. They highlighted the branding with subtle 3D effects adding to the feel and overall experience. When you open the package, the eye cream sits in a perfectly framed presentation. So, of course, you feel even more luxurious about applying it just from the presentation of the product. The cream is lightweight with a hint of a yellow/beige color. 

They also take a lot of pride in their innovative formula and exquisite ingredients. This truly showed when I was able to easily apply SPF followed by a foundation and it didn’t make me look cakey. There is nothing worse than finding something to correct an aging factor and then have to cake on makeup. So, with that in mind, I decided I wasn’t going to take this eye cream experiment lightly. I took all the proper precautions I could take to make sure that I wasn’t going to sabotage my results nor favor them. So, I used the same skincare routine I would any other night and went to bed well hydrated. In the morning I kept to my usual ritual water with lemon, a 5-minute stretch, and my morning skin routine was next. If you haven’t read my latest blog on K-Beauty let's just say there are about 6-8 steps to accomplish such a morning skincare routine.

I had it perfectly planned when I could apply Auto Correct Sunday Riley’s Eye savistyle on trend blog reviews sunday riley auto correct ingredients Cream to allow it to set into the skin properly and then apply my makeup. I’m always going for the “less is more” natural glowy look so this product fell into my morning skin routine as if it had already been there. When I first began applying my primer and then foundation, I was very very impressed already. However, I thought maybe it's just good lighting. I won’t fall into this trap so easily. Before heading out to a morning meeting my husband says “Someone got a good night's sleep”. I was as shocked as any of you would be. My husband thinks I look rested! Ok, I’m starting to believe, yet, I wasn’t convinced. It wasn’t until I returned home from my meeting and was correcting my lipstick that I noticed my eyes looked bright. NO bags under my eyes and all signs of puffiness were gone! I honestly couldn't believe it. I was in such disbelief that I kept looking back at myself to make sure I wasn’t just hoping it had worked.

Well, it worked! It apparently worked better the longer you allowed it to do its job. I was over the moon of how youthful and bright my eyes looked. I quickly recollected my thoughts and decided I wouldn’t make my final conversion to eye creams, especially THIS eye cream until I tested it for another two weeks. After the two weeks passed, I was still very much attached or better yet, co-dependent of Auto Correct by Sunday Riley. I didn’t wait another day and purchased a full size with no regrets (because if I haven’t mentioned, it's not an inexpensive product). I’m not one to shy away from facial products due to its price because HELLO! It’s your face we’re talking about. However, the product has to perform on all levels and meet high expectations! To have found the BEST EYE CREAM ever in my mid 30’s is absolutely the best gift any girl can dream of!

I guess it’s true when they say that at any age there are still new discoveries. I am grateful it happened to be in my skincare routine. Oh! and don’t wait too long to purchase this fabulous little eye cream as it has been selling out since it debuted this past December 2017. It has already granted itself an Allure best product seal of approval. So, in words of Coco Chanel “Whoever said money can’t buy happiness, didn’t know where to go shopping!