SAVI on Trend - The Best Hair Rinse after a Workout!

I’m a woman on-the-go and I love to maintain an active lifestyle. I mix it up with every type of workout from yoga, spin, pilates to high-intensity HIIT. However, very quickly I learned that my beauty regimen had to accommodate for the extra activity. The first thing I noticed was that washing my hair every day or even twice some days was really taking a toll on my hair. My hair was becoming dull, dry and brittle.

I quickly started to google the best ways to keep your hair clean or hygienic during the day but not destroying the quality of your hair. I came across all the obvious options first, washing your hair only every other day (shower cap needed) but still rinsing off of course and dry shampoo. The first options isn’t a bad one except if your workout was of really high-intensity or even hot yoga that option isn’t really possible nor good for those that have to be around you (smelly) after. As for dry shampoo, I did find it much more effective and efficient but didn’t completely win me over (more to come next week on dry shampoo).

After asking some friends for recommendations they pretty much told me that they had the same dilemma as myself. So, I decided to research other possible options out there. Luckily enough FABFITFUN (women’s cosmetic, fitness, clothing, or jewelry subscription box) was throwing an event in LA and offering an amazing deal on products that I was going to test but at a quarter of the price! I bought my tickets, gathered my girls and went on a fun girls day. The event was exactly what you can image, ex-bachelor contestants greetings us at the door, a very contemporary modern style building, and beautiful women everywhere.

The event also offered free massages, hair consult with a quick touch up, makeup makeover (clean beauty products only), and free manicures. In case you're wondering I did it all! However, the hair consult was my favorite because a representative for dp Hue was there giving hair care advice and taught me so much! He explained that being active is amazing for our health but takes a terrible toll on our hair and he quickly recommended there Instyle Best Beauty Buys 2017 Awarded Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse. You might be thinking but how does it smell? I can assure you that it smells great just like any other shampoo but image fresh apples. No vinegar smell is left behind. This option works just like in its name as a rinse. It helps you rinse out the impurities, and build up during a workout but is gentle enough that it won’t strip your hair from its natural oils.

Here's how it works, when your hair is wet (in the shower) you part your hair in the middle (work your way down from one side then the other) and using the lid of the bottle (lid is formed with a tip for easy application) you squeeze the rinse onto your scalp. You will then part your hair again and repeat the step until you have applied the rinse on that side of your scalp completely. Before moving on to the next side of your scalp, you will massage it into the scalp and hair. Note: the rinse will not create bubbles, foam or any kind of lather that we are used to with traditional shampoos. After you have completed the process on both sides allow the apple cider rinse to do its magic for 1-3 minutes. I usually recommend to go on with your shower routine and then circle back around a few minutes later. After rinsing it out and depending on how dry your hair is conditioner isn’t necessary, however, completely up to you if needed. My last recommendation is to rinse your hair with lukewarm water or if possible cold water. Rinsing your hair with cold water or colder water than usual will help lock in your natural hair oils even more and expect to see much shinier hair faster!

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I’m on my second bottle at this time. I love this product and couldn’t wait to recommend this amazing option. As much as we love to stay active and healthy, we don’t like it affecting us in a negative way unexpectedly. Even if life doesn't allow me to style my hair every day it is something I am very much attached too. So, keeping it healthy, shine and bouncy was a must and I wasn’t going to stop until I found a better alternative. Also, for me personally not washing my hair when I rinse off after a workout regardless of how much I might of perspire or not, doesn't’ feel like a "real shower". I’m aware that might be just my thing but this option helps with giving the full feeling of a true clean shower. I can’t express how much it has brought my hair back to its natural glow and bounce. I can now workout without the concern that my hair is being affected and can’t wait to continue my fitness journey, with fabulous hair that is...

Just some awesome details about this product

  • Fragrance-Free
  • Cruelty-Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Made in the USA