SAVI on Trend - The Best Sunscreen for Every Skin Tone

I’ve discovered the one and only Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen 40. If you’re thinking of the Gwyneth Paltrow lifestyle blog (as I did), correction - it’s actually founded by Holly Thaggard. She scooped up the "Supergoop" name prior to Gwyneth starting her blog (one year before to be exact). Holly Thaggard went from mother & school teacher to creating one of the most innovative changes to sunscreen and sunblock formulas of our time. She has also won the ADD Golden Triangle Award for her sunscreen discussed in this blog. I had the pleasure to test and fall in love with this product.

Let me start from the beginning, I live in Southern California and facial sunscreen is one of my top life necessities (and they say women love to exaggerate when they speak! Ha!). I recently have become more obsessive about my facial sunscreen because the stories are true, if you don't wear sunscreen properly in your early year's, brown spots will appear due to sun damage. Now in my 30’s, they have arrived and there is nothing I can do to reverse the damage except to pay for very expensive laser treatments. I have considered saving up for the laser treatments, however, not all lasers are created equal (some only work well with fair skin as technology is still limited) and finding the best laser for my skin tone is another job in itself.

Currently, I’m a loyal fan of Chanel’s 50 SPF as I discussed in a previous blog. Myself being of darker skin tone (olive / beige / medium to give you a visual) I didn’t love the white cast that ALL sunblocks leave behind. After applying sunscreen, which is a must, I needed to find creative ways to bring my skin tone back to its natural color. If you’re thinking foundation, well, foundation is a whole other struggle. In case you have been living under a rock, Fenty Beauty by Rihanna and her success will account for why that was a struggle... Thanks to her beauty line, we finally have better foundation color options! This also demonstrates why having a larger scale of skin tone options helps so many women (coming soon in a future blog).

I began my journey to find the perfect sunscreen with little to no white cast left behind. The sunscreen would still have to past the other needed tests like no oily face within minutes, zero breakouts if possible and no weird fragrance. I did what any good researcher does, I started watching tons of beauty bloggers on Youtube. If you were thinking I got all scientific, that came later...

After a few recommendations across the board from beauty bloggers I narrowed it down on two main products Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen 40 and Murad Invisiblur Perfecting Shield SPF 30. I was completely shocked to find that both products start off clear! The possibility of a white cast did not even exist with these two sunscreen options, success! However, I still did the proper testing on the products. I used them both for a period of 2 weeks. I made sure to wear them during indoor and outdoor workouts. Also, I kept my weekly errands the same, testing the longevity of each product which provided the information on how often they need to be re-applied. If you’re wondering how to re-apply once your makeup is already on, well, Supergoop has a few answers which I can’t wait to share! As for Murad, I just applied it on top of my foundation. Not the best option but it did the job.

savi style on trend swatches supergoop sunscreen unseen 40 Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen 40 is true to its word. The formula is completely unseen, smooth and provides a matte finish. The formula also allows applying primer and foundation with zero interference. The ingredients are very clean and no fragrance what so ever. After week 2 of testing, I was able to conclude that Supergoop performed well for long periods of time but it did need a good refresher, especially if you were perspiring. Supergoop didn’t burn the eyes or create any headaches when working out. I would re-apply every four hours if I was in-and-out all day. But would only re-apply once if outside work was minimal. 



savi style on trend reviews murad invisiblur perfecting shield broad spectrum SPF 30Murad Invisiblur Perfecting Shield primer was fantastic at giving you a skin blur effect. Its protection was also very good. Murad focuses on anti-aging technology and the primer felt great on the skin, but a little heavier than expected. This option also didn’t need as much re-applying even when outdoors for a long period of time. However, this line doesn’t offer a convenient way to re-apply, only to add more right on top of your makeup. Since I don’t wear much but foundation on an everyday basis, it didn’t create any smudging. If you do contour or add much more on top of your foundation, this product might not work so great. Murad’s product also didn’t have fragrance nor did it create an oily face. However, I did get a few breakouts since it was a little heavier than I expected.

In short, Murad’s product is a two-in-one primer and sunscreen. As for Supergoop, it only has one purpose of sunscreen protection. If you’re anything like me, you probably already have your favorite primer (there’s literally like 100’s to pick from, my favorite laura mercier radiance) which there are all kinds of primers with different purposes. Murad started to lose me because as much as I like efficiency, there’s one part of my life I don’t mind being a little “extra” and that’s my beauty routine. Please note that if you're as “extra” as me, you must let your sunscreen completely absorb into the skin before applying your primer on top. If not, your sunscreen and primer will end up becoming clumpy (not good for post foundation application).

The best reasons why Supergoop completely won me over was the zero white cast, how smooth it preps the skin for next steps, fast absorbing (not oily) and bonus points for no breakouts. This was also the reason I loved Chanel's (as previously discussed) as it didn’t create an oily face or breakouts, yet I had to accept the white cast. As an adult having breakout feels a little too much like 2008. Lightweight products always win me over so if you're into the “second skin look” or “less is more”, I full heartily recommend the Supergoop Sunscreen as your new go-to facial sunblock.

Now, for the new and exciting sunscreen Supergoop has also created Supergoop Setting Mist SPF Spray in 50! And Mineral Invincible Setting Powder. The Setting Mist is a little handy spray that acts as a makeup setting spray. Most importantly, when you're out running errands and need to re-apply sunscreen because you're perspiring or the sun is extra powerful - you can just pull out your spray and go! It won’t smudge your makeup or alter your look since the spray goes on clear.

The best part of Supergoop products is the clear time indicator of how long it works properly before re-applying, right on the bottle. Also, the setting spray is water resistant! So, if you jump into a pool, hopefully with little to no makeup, you can re-apply the spray and Voila! You're ready to go again.

The Mineral Invincible Setting Powder is just as amazing but it's a powder. It can help seal your foundation and keep your face oil-free throughout the day.

Now, if you're happy with your current facial sunscreen (note SPF in a foundation isn’t proper coverage which I explained a previous blog but here’s a great breakdown from Supergoop!) Sephora has a great travel set deal for $25.00 and you can try three Supergoop products. I’m a big believer in testing out products or sampling them out for yourself. We all have our own skin care needs and problems that we must cater too. So, starting with a travel size option at a reasonable cost is the best way to go. Note - the third product is an SPF mousse that does have a white cast and not part of my testing so it was not discussed but it is part of the travel size deal.

savi style on trend reviews supergoops setting spray with sunscreen savistyle on trend blog reviews supergoop travel size option with 3 classic favorites 

Supergoop has become my absolute favorite sunscreen!. Most importantly I get to let my olive skin shine! I’m as blown away as the next person to realize that it was the most affordable option of the two! I literally hear dramatic music playing in the background! In all seriousness, Supergoop products are innovative, inclusive, and I’m happy to support another female entrepreneur. Products that work great for ALL is a huge win for ALL. So, start this summer season right and prepare yourself with the best facial sunscreen and enjoy the great outdoors safely!