SAVI RECIPE - Hi New Year, let's take this slow..

Happy New Year! Usually follows with a new life resolution to better ourselves. However, I’m the queen of baby steps and doing my research before diving into a new diet or trend that everyone swears by all of a sudden. I have found that social media exposes us to more options and diet gurus trying to sell us there new quick fix. However, I made a new rule before throwing out all my food and forbidding any particular food(gluten, sugar, fat, or carbs) that a good starting point is a diet book (they have made the investment by writing and publishing it with there name stamped on it). The author should have a few things under their belt like I don’t know nutrition education. Is that too much to ask? So, I have spent the past few months reading two amazing books - Body Love and The Gut Makeover on dieting, nutrition, and our gut health. I know that might sound like its all in the same (I used to think so too) however there’s a world of difference between them all. I will explore all these topics with the recipes I recommend throughout the year.

The first lesson I learned (a common thread between both of these authors) was that baby steps will prepare you for the bigger steps you will need to take to conquer true change. They both recommend starting your new healthy diet with just cutting one “bad food” from your eating habits and nothing more. For example, for some can be sugary drinks, sugary breakfast (muffins, cheese danish, and etc), fast food, or one cup of coffee instead of 4 per day. There plan starts with taking out your bad habits out for two weeks. If you make it all the way through then continue on with their new approach. I will begin with Body Love because she will start you out with replacing your morning meal with one shake for 1-2 weeks. Nothing else! No 30 minute home workout or cardio, absolutely nothing. If you are open for a small change and starting your new you with a truly new approach click here to get your smoothie options.

My so obvious new rule has been truly eye-opening in many ways, other than just better food options but holding others to a higher standard when it comes to our health. Enjoy the yumminess I know I do with Body Love’s Pancake Party Smoothie =).