SAVI Recipe - Mean Matcha Smoothie by bewellbykelly

I was never a big fan of liquid breakfasts. I prefer avocado toast with a sunny side up runny egg and spinach. However, no matter how much I’ve worked out and stayed consistent I was not losing the fat around my belly. So I googled, read and asked nutrition/fitness professionals what to do next? They all said the same thing that I feared to hear “you make abs in the kitchen”. It was literally the last thing I wanted to do was to change my diet. I was happy with my clean eating ways and felt great. I decided to do some re-reading of Body Love by Kelly LeVeque. I selected the most ingredient friendly (limited specialty ingredients) smoothies. Also, the top 5 smoothies that I would like to have during my two-week challenged the book presented.

I began the two-week challenge with the mean matcha smoothie. Thus far I have loved it! The 4 other recipes I hand selected also make a nice balance between earthy, sweat and comforting flavors early in the morning. Below you will find the Matcha and Dark Chocolate Recipe =) 

The 3 other recipes will be posted shortly! Stay Tune. 

and My Chocolate Delight!

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